Building the next generation of Web3 financial service

Make your daily transaction and online purchases with stablecoins, swap your naira to stablecoins and vice versa


Wonderful features to enjoy on feedpay!!!

Be able to carry out deposits with CryptoStablecoins such as BUSD, USDT, and USDC which include the bep20 and trc20.

Own a unique debit card to realize any transaction worldwide.

Purchase Airtime and data.

Pay your bills from TV to Electricity to Water to Internet to WAEC Examinations.

Use the app to send money with the tag or you can scan the QR Code e.g @aopresh

Swap your naira to Stable coins and vice versa without hassle.

Request and approve request from other users speedily with one tap.

Earn yourself redeemable points from every transaction you make.

Custom wallet


This offer allows you to own your very own custom crypto wallet where you can store, receive, and even send your stablecoins to virtually any place in the world.

Zero fee


Swap your stable coins with zero fee attached. This goes to say you can swap your naira for USDT, BUSD, USDC, and DAI. And guess what? We offer you an option to swap them back to naira.

Virtual debit card


This will enable you with a virtual debit card that will allow you to spend your funds ie make purchases from anywhere in the world.

Feedpay account


This option lets you set up a savings account with us which will be set with an unlocking date when your funds will be accessible to you. This option will not let you withdraw the money until the set date. I mean, what’s the use of saving?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, FEEDPAY enables you to make transactions using your FEEDPAY Wallet from anywhere in the world.

No, using the FEEDPAY swap means that you swap your coins at zero charges added.

Anyone is eligible for the virtual debit card as long as you are signed up and you are using the FEEDPAY Card option

This only means that the date for the realization of your funds is not yet due. Upon registration of the FEEDAY savings, you must enter a date for withdrawal of funds. Therefore, you CAN NOT withdraw the funds before said date.

Yes! FEEDPAY enables you to make transactions such as payment for WAEC examinations

Yes, you stand to earn redeemable points on every transaction you make.